Louis Gouge

ITS 360

Chapter 7

What would you do?

3. The correct thing to do is write up the problem you have found and forward it to the people in charge.  It needs be brought to the attention of supervisors right away to protect the people using the software that have not filed their return yet.  Some people might think it should be “swept under the rug” and look the other way and maybe the problem would go away.  If you are person that uncovered the problem, you might be rewarded or crucified and I believe in doing the right thing so I would verbally and write up a notice of what is happening.  At least a portion of the liability would be lifted off of your shoulders.

4. I would recommend the release be delayed by the six weeks and I would put that in writing.  If the software is released with the bugs at least you made an attempt to stop it and the responsibility falls onto the management person(s) that decided to release the software with the bug.  I would also recommend the team pull in all available resources to make every attempt to repair the faulty software and immediately get updates installed and running so when people start using the software at least some or all of the patches would be available for immediate download.




1. I believe Apple should conduct extensive screening of the apps because Apple products have always been known as a safe and reliable product.  From personal experience I have always had good luck with Apple products and I did not have to worry whether an app would be suspicious or worry me about corrupting my device.  I have always promoted Apple products to my friends because it seemed to be a safe and trusted company for electronic devices.

2. It is not an issue now because Adobe has stopped using flash and as of August 15, 2012 it will only offer Adobe AIR.  As of this date, Adobe will stop development of Flash Player for mobile devices.

3. I think Apple is right on about being able to accept or reject any app being offered for use of their product.  The devices made by Apple are Apple products and they are being responsible for content being offered for use on Apple products.  If a software developer does not like that then that company can make their own device.

Software leads to death

1. It has to be continuously monitored and fixed if and when there is a problem. It cannot be overlooked and ignored until more and more deaths occur. Quality Assurance needs to be separate of the business because it should be able to allow for critique and not fear losing their jobs by exposing faults in software or any item that can cause death or bodily harm. It just needs to be looked at from different views an QC should be able to make recommendations without fear from executives forcing the product online or for distribution.

2. Quality Assurance needs to keep testing and testing and testing. Every single variable needs to tested and tested over again. I can use video games as an example. Before a new video game is released there are versions released to the public for use and testing. These tests are called beta tests and users are exposed to parts of the game and any defects are usually detected and fixed prior to the full on release of the end product. I know this because if have been one of the select few to have been offered to play these games before they are released. When a fault is detected it needs to be fixed right away immediately.