Louis Gouge

ITS 360

Chapter 10

What would you do?

1. My first order of business I would copy everything I could and I would give it to an attorney just in case I came up missing. Then I would contact my local FBI office and ask to speak to the agent in charge. I would let the agent know what kind of information I may or may not have and I would request whistleblower status because this information may go all the way to the oval office. I would then present my findings to that agent and offer to turn all the information I have to the FBI. I would then call another FBI office and let a completely different agent know what I did just in case I disappear.

2. I would offer my assistance to that coworker and I would do everything I could to help them. Polluting the water is very serious and I would do whatever is needed to make sure the water is protected.



1. IBM provides supply chain leadership

a. It has a large impact because IBM is an IT giant and it has over 27,000 suppliers which all strive for IBM’s business. If all the suppliers of all manufacturers made an attempt to save the planet the Earth would be in so much better shape environmentally than its current state.

b. Cisco uses its supply chain to score its suppliers and the better score receives Cisco’s business. Cisco also conducts third party independent audits of its suppliers to ensure they are complying with the standards Cisco demands. Cisco is another IT giant and they can decide whom to do business with and if one of the suppliers loses a Cisco account it would be detrimental to that supplier.

c. IBM will let the supplier know it is not following IBM’s example and if it does not clean up its act IBM will drop that account and look elsewhere for a supplier.


2. E-Verify

a. As an employee I would support it because that way the job would be given to a U.S. citizen instead of an illegal alien. I do not support all the government intrusion into people’s photos enabling the E-Verify system. Now the government has a photo of you on file and it can be accessed anytime it wants to, and maybe it could be hacked and used by a spy to take your place by getting rid of you. Bottom line I support it.

b. Yes, I would definitely use the E-Verify system because that way I know the person I am hiring is the person they say they are. Plus, I would not want to get in trouble with the IRS by hiring an employee that is not who they say they are.

c. Yes, I think it should be used everywhere. It can help with tax fraud and it can ensure everyone pays their fair share of taxes.