Louis Gouge

ITS 360

Chapter 5

What would you do?

3. I would inform my nephew about the laws regarding underage kids sending revealing photos to each other and I would tell him not to forward one single photo he received because it could come back to him for distribution of child porn. Wisconsin has laws protecting children from exploitation and he could possibly be charged for having photos like that on his phone and he would be responsible for forwarding that kind of pictures to his friends.† Even if he deletes those photos the Wisconsin Department of Justice has labs set up specifically to perform a forensic search of files on his phone. If that doesnít work I would have to let his parents know about it and they can deal with it.

8. I would do whatever the policies and procedures state is allowed on work area computers. If it is not allowed I would keep the computer and inform my supervisor about it. If there is no computer usage policy covering that kind of behavior I would probably not do anything about it as long as it wasnít against the law such as under age or child porn on the computer.


††††††††††† WikiLeaks

1. It protects WikiLeaks by using the First Amendmentís freedom of the press.

2. I donít think it should be justified because it can affect the security of the United States. WikiLeaks should assume all responsibility by releasing classified U.S. documents. Whomever released the information should be punished for treason if it pertains to the national security of the United States.

3. If the information received was done in an illegal procedure the person(s) or business responsible should be held accountable for distribution of state secrets.

††††††††††† Facebook

1. Facebook is protected because of the legislation stating they are not to be held liable. Facebook or any other entity providing that kind of service cannot possibly monitor and scan every single post or content being posted by third parties. These businesses are providing a service for people that have to let others know what they are doing all the time. A lot of people use this service and for every single person using this program would take one person to monitor every single account to watch for malfeasance by a leader or from a regular person just posting what their opinion is.

2. The educational organization the student is attending can set policies to deter the student from posting certain derogatory things on their page. If the student violates the policy they can be reprimanded depending on certain parameters. Most states have anti-bullying laws and persons violating these laws can be located by doing a reverse search of the IP address and being subpoenaed and or getting a search warrant to confiscate their computers or any electronic device they may own.

3. Yes they should be prosecuted even after the victimís attitude was thinking it would go away. Cyberbullying laws should be implemented and passed to protect the victim from causing harm to oneself from the results of being teased.