Louis Gouge

ITS 360

Chapter 9

What would you do?

1. I would tactfully respond by informing the interviewer that it is against the law in Wisconsin to ask for that information, and I would let the interviewer know the Wisconsin Statute number is 995.55(2)(a)1.† I would also let the interviewer know it would be illegal not to hire me because I refused to give out that information, and I would also let the interviewer know the Wisconsin Statute number is 995.55(2)(a)3.

2. I would inform the coworker she should not jump to conclusions about the candidate from those two choices she found on Facebook, and I would give her these reasons. The candidate divorced his high school sweetheart because they were just kids when they got married and two people can change a lot while in college.† The candidate didnít have any kids while married so they were both responsible to consider that while in college.† College is expensive and he made a choice to let it go and focus on his studies while in college so he is focused on what is important.† I would try to persuade my coworker to not drop the candidate at this time and do more investigating.



Proctor and Gamble turns to social networking

1. Marketing is a business inside a business and its objective is focused on promoting and selling whatever product or services the main company provides or makes. If the campaign has been pushing a certain item(s) and there is no increase in that item being sold then I would say, yes. It really should be measured on what goals the marketing department is trying to push.

2. The article states the target audience was women and are moving into the workplace. Their target audience are not in the home during the day and are now working full time jobs and are spending more leisure time online and on social media sites.

3. The smell like a man campaign targeted men and women by; showing a beefy football player wearing only a towel, suggesting if they purchased Old Spice it would make their man smell good, the men would buy it to feel like the ex-football player, it would make the man smell like what a man should smell like, and possibly make the man project a manlier image.

Whatever it did it worked because sales expanded at a double digit growth rate.


Facebook raises privacy issues

1. I do not agree with automatically enrolling users without their consent. If Facebook is doing this one thing and it is public what things are they doing that are not known. I feel it is not right for this site to do this but itís probably all in the fine print in the agreement you said you read when you checked the little box and signed up for your account. It is all about making the money to the owner(s) of Facebook and if they can make ten cents on the 750 million users in one day by pushing your information forward Facebook doesnít care about one person objecting about being enrolled into something.

2. I think the privacy of a personís children should be a concern because an online predator now knows the name of your child, and possibly where the child lives, goes to school, where the photo was taken, etc. That particular photo is now out there for the world to view and there is no stopping it.

3. I have never used the photo tag feature. Has the tag feature been used without my permission? I do not know. I do not use the tag feature because I figured all my friends know who is in the picture with me anyway and if they do not know then its none of their business.