Louis Gouge

ITS 360

Chapter 3

What would you do?

1. I would take the job working for the government.  I would ask the usual questions, pay, benefits, why I should work for the government when I can make twice that amount in the private sector.  After showing I was not completely interested at all I would take the job.  I think that would just be too cool to be sought out and recruited by a federal intelligence agency.  I would like to work for homeland security, FBI, CIA, ICE, or even the Wisconsin Department of Criminal Investigation.

2. I would tell the blackmailer I would be willing to pay the money but I would need some time to get that kind of money in cash.  Meanwhile I would have already called the FBI to report the hack.  I would also get my team of IT professionals together to try and stop the hack before anything else happened.  I would cooperate fully with the FBI to try and apprehend this individual and put a stop to this kind of thing.  I think I would call a major news outlet and give them an exclusive about what has transpired at our company and that is the reason for the outage on our website.  If our sales must suffer I think it would be good business to let people know up front that our system was in danger.  That way I believe our customers could keep an eye on their accounts in case this hack received personal information for our customers.


2. Anonymous and Social Hacktivism

a) If I was a skilled hacker I would not join Anonymous.  All my life I always made an attempt to do the right thing, and joining this group would probably not be the right thing.  I do feel like this group has tried to do the right but they are doing it the wrong way.  What I mean by that is the collective wants to fight for the little guy but the way it is being done is not ethical.  So yeah, I would definitely not join this group.

b) I would have to say their actions in support of WikiLeaks were not legal.  I think what WikiLeaks does is not legal either, but I reasonably believe this organization is also fighting for the little guy by showing just what kind if unethical things even governments can do.  As far as setting up satellite stations so people can use the internet I like that idea.  See, again fighting for the little guy by trying to reverse a bad decision by a government to stop access to the internet in Syria. 

c) Anonymous can be a serious threat to any entity, governmental or privately.  Sometimes the only way to get attention to show that something is wrong is by making your own mistakes and getting attention by the media.  Look at the black lives matter movement.  They are receiving attention by causing riots, and criminal damage to property, but now it is national news when a black person is shot by police.  Although I think the media is controlled by the people with all the money and that is why you only get to see what the corporations want you to see.  Have you observed any national news about Native Americans along with environmentalists trying to protect our water from being contaminated by oil or tar sands transported in pipelines?