Louis Gouge

ITS 360

Chapter 4

What would you do?

1. I would tell my friend that I would not install anything on his significant others cell phone.  I would advise my friend that he has no right to install a tracking app on his partnerís phone, and he would also be doing an illegal act.  I would tell my friend to be the bigger person and just ask his partner about the cheating, and if he cannot ask about the cheating he probably should break the relationship off.

2. I would tell the CFO I am unable to proceed with the request at this time, but I would look into the reason for the slowness of the email on my next work day.  After that call from the CFO I would call my local special agent in charge at the FBI and inform him or her about the phone call from the CFO.


Cases; Extraterritorial Jurisdiction


1. Other countries seem to fear the USA PATRIOT Act for allowing data to be exposed at the discretion of the United States.  The only reasonable action it seems is for companies to build facilities entirely within that host country.  Even when that company is a US corporation as long as it is within the border of that country it should be exempt from having to follow that Act.

2. I believe a NSL should be brought before judge before it is enforced.  Yes it should be unconstitutional the way it is being used right now.  Right now the FBI can get a NSL on anyone at any time for no special reason.  All it has to do is write on up and that provider has to give them whatever they want.

3. Canada has an anti-terrorism act, New Zealand has the terrorism suppression act 2002, and the UK has terrorism act 2006.  Yes they lesson the restrictions for gathering intelligence on citizens.


2. Facebook trouble with user privacy

1. I think Facebook should be responsible because they are making millions of dollars off the users by selling their information.  Facebook needs to inform all users about what is happening and when an account is deleted it should be deleted forever.

2. Facebook should make every attempt to protect our privacy but it wonít because that is how it makes its revenue.  Users do not pay a fee to use it and if they had to pay a fee they probably would not use Facebook.  Users need to know how to set privacy standards on their accounts and maybe even offer a tutorial video for some people.

3. If it provided copies of my ID or Passport, Social Security card, then I would be angry enough to stop using it.  Right now I donít care what people observe on my page.