Louis Gouge

ITS 360

Chapter 6

What would you do?

4. I would do whatever I had to do to finish that paper on my own. The idea of my roommate volunteering to write a paper for me sounds like an awesome option but deep down inside I could never turn that paper in as my own work. I would just use every available second to try and finish the paper and at least make an effort to finish it because it was my own fault for procrastinating too long. Receiving a low score or low grade for the amount of effort I put into the paper would be my own fault.† I think receiving a low grade would be better than receiving a zero for the paper and at least my integrity would not suffer knowing I did it on my own.

6. I would continue to keep my information from my other employer confidential. When that nondisclosure statement was signed I knew I signed a contract to keep my mouth shut and not to disclose information about my previous employer. If a person signs an agreement like that and speaks out about what they are not supposed to they can be held accountable by a court of law. That person would never be able to find another job where ethics was a major factor in that kind of job field. That person would probably end up paying money back to that company for breach of contract and exposing company secrets.



Google book search library project

1. Yes I think Google should have taken a different approach by not doing the whole project. This project should have been stopped in the very beginning planning stages. Google tried using the opt-out now or if you do not opt out now you will agree to what we will be doing in the future ploy. By choosing to do nothing or by not opting out authors kind of gave Google permission to do whatever they wanted with the books. If Google would have decided to offer this service free to everyone then maybe it could have been implemented without any problems. Google is only concerned about making that dollar and making it fast and they have so much money and resources they donít care who they have to roll over to get that cash.

2. I would be in favor of it but only if it was offered as a free service just like a regular library.† The only books they should offer is the kind you can lend from a library. If I had to use this service as a source for reference of a paper I think it would be fine. There should be no charge to use this service.

3. Yes. I think it is a hugely unfair. These extremely large corporations believe they can do whatever they want to make money and they donít care about who they step on to achieve what they want. Like I stated earlier; if they provided this service for free then I would support it. People just need to keep using libraries for what they were intended for, to check out books, learn from them, read them, and enjoy them for free.