Lynn Reiswig

ITS 230

Chapter 1

True/False:  1=T, 2=F, 3=T, 4=F, 5=T, 6=F, 7=T, 8=F, 9=F, 10=T, 11=T, 12=T

Multiple Choice: 1= c, 2= a, 3= d, 4= b, 5= b, 6= c, 7= b, 8= d

Matching: 1= g, 2= i, 3= b, 4= a, 5= d, 6= j, 7= c, 8= f, 9= e

Consider This:

2) Digital literacy means keeping current with knowledge and understanding of mobile devices, the web, computers, and related technologies.  It is important because technology changes and if you don’t keep up to date you would not be able to work efficiently and effectively relating to digital technology.

4) Keyboards available for tablets and smartphones are on-screen keyboards, separate physical keyboards tablets can attach to and some smartphones have a slide out keyboard.

5) Besides books, other digital media like newspapers and magazines that can be read on e-book readers.


Internet Research:  1) Making use of the Web

1)      Informational:;;;;;   variety of information and list of sites with helpful hints to even ratings for movies.


Research:;;;;;  these list sites that would be helpful for academic research.


I used the text – top informational websites and top research websites.


2)      5 of Google’s things we know to be true.  1-Focus on the user and all else will follow, 2-It’s best to do one thing really, really well, 3-Faster is better than slow, 4-Democracy on the web works, 5-You don’t need to be at your desk to need an answer.


“Made with Code” is an initiative to inspire more girls to code.






Battery life



Amazon’s Fire HD 8


12 hr

Low price, more RAM

Modest display 1.3 GHZ  processor

Nexus 7

Unknown yet


4 GB of RAM

Not coming till end of the year

Huawei MediaPad M3




4 GB of RAM

32 to 64 GB of expandable storage

Launching  September 26 in Europe




4)  Currently no state has a restriction on hands free devices for conversations while driving.

A hands free feature of some new cars is the in-car voice commands and platforms that integrate their smartphones with the vehicle’s dashboard.   Allows for voice activated control and smartphone info displays onto the cars central screen.