Lynn Reiswig

ITS 230

Chapter 10


True/False:  1= T, 2= F, 3= T, 4= F, 5= T, 6= F, 7= T, 8= T, 9= F, 10= F, 11= T, 12= T

Multiple Choice:  1= b, 2= c, 3= b, 4= d, 5= c, 6= a, 7= a, 8= c

Matching:  1= c, 2= h, 3= b, 4= g, 5= a, 6= e, 7= d, 8= j, 9= f, 10= i

Consider This, answer 3 questions

#2.  Elements necessary for successful communications are:

A sending device

A communication device that connects the sending device to transmission media

Transmission Media, or communications channel

A communication device that connects the transmission media to a receiving device

A receiving device


#3.  Homes and business users create networks for communications, share hardware, share data, share information, share software and transfer funds.


#4.  What are EDI and EFT

EDI are used by businesses to send bids and proposals, place and track orders, and send invoices.

EFT are used to exchange money from one account to another through transmission media and is used by both businesses and consumers.