Lynn Reiswig

ITS 230

Chapter 11


True/False:  1= T, 2= T, 3= F, 4= T, 5= T, 6= F, 7= T, 8= T, 9= T, 10= F, 11= F, 12= T

Multiple Choice:  1= b, 2= d, 3= c, 4= c, 5= c, 6= d, 7= b, 8= b

Matching:  1= h, 2= c, 3= a, 4= d, 5= g, 6= b, 7= j, 8= i, 9= f, 10= e

Consider This, answer 3 questions

#2) Common data types include:

Text: Letters, numeric characters, or special characters

Number: positive or negative and zero without decimal points

AutoNumber: Unique number automatically assigned by DBMS

Currency:  Dollar and cent or numbers with decimal values

Date: Month, day, year and sometimes time

Memo:  lengthy text entries

Yes/No: Yes or No; True or False

Hyperlink: Email address or web address that links to webpage on internet or document on network

Object: photo, audio, video, documents or apps, such as word processing or spreadsheet, stored in database

Attachment:  document or image attached to the field



#3) File Maintenance includes adding records to, modifying records in, and deleting records from a file.

#4) Function creep is when a company uses the technology intended for one purpose, for an entirely different purpose.