Lynn Reiswig

ITS 230

Chapter 2


True/False:  1=T, 2=F, 3=T, 4=F, 5=T, 6=T, 7=F, 8=F, 9=T, 10=T, 11=F, 12=F

Multiple Choice:  1= a, 2= c, 3= b, 4= a, 5= d, 6= b. 7= d, 8= c

Matching:  1= e, 2= i, 3= a, 4= g, 5= j, 6= h, 7= d, 8= b, 9= f, 10= c

Consider This: answer three questions

2.   ARPA’s original goals were 1) to allow scientists from different locations to share information and work together on military and scientific projects, 2) could function even if part of the network were disabled or destroyed.

3.  Advantages of using broadband internet services is, connection is always on, and fast data transfer speed.

4.  The relationship between domain names and IP addresses is that the domain names is the text-based names of the corresponding IP addresses of servers that hosts a website. 

Internet Research:

3: Search engines: Bing, Google, Yahoo


1)      Internet service providers search:  I found Yahoo more useful because no ads and it lists the providers in your area first.


2)      Google corporate headquarters search:  I thought Bing was more useful because it gave you their official website and address first along with other interesting info on the side.


3)      Flights from Boston to Los Angeles search:  Yahoo was better, it had not ads and listed cheap flights first.


4)      Identity theft search:  I found Yahoo more useful because it did not have company ads listed first and better yet it listed government sites and info first.