Lynn Reiswig

ITS 230

Chapter 3


True/False: 1=T, 2=F, 3=F, 4=F, 5=F, 6=T, 7=T, 8=T, 9=F, 10=F, 11=T, 12=T

Multiple Choice: 1=b, 2=a, 3=d, 4=b, 5=d, 6=a, 7=b, 8=b

Matching: 1=d, 2=j, 3=g, 4=c, 5=a, 6=f, 7=e, 8=h, 9=i, 10=b

Consider This, answer 3:

2) They use social media to lure unsuspecting users to take surveys, tap or click links to obtain free merchandise and games, and download antivirus programs. (p 110). Which then allows the malware to be installed.

3) Two main components of a motherboard are the processor and memory. (p. 110)

4) Ultrathin laptops are different from laptops in that they weigh less, have a longer battery life, fewer ports, do not include an optical disc drive and often require the use of special dongles to connect to external displays or a network. (p. 111)

Internet Research

3) Search Skills:

1) Bill Gates


3) Examples of using near field communications from

  Check into a local establishment with much greater accuracy, as current GPS readings are not always correct.  This will allow establishments the ability to provide coupons and be sure the visitor has entered their store.  Once a coupon is redeemed, the user can also purchase in the store with their NFC compatible device.

  Restaurants can provide checkout services that allow multiple parties to purchase and add tips after a meal.  This will speed up the process for the patron as well as waiters and waitresses.

  Travel and Mass Transit can utilize NFC for Passenger and Baggage Check-In for increased efficiency as well as Boarding and Luggage recovery.  For example, should a piece of your luggage get lost, use a kiosk to locate it instead of waiting in lines to speak to an attendant.

  Vending machines will allow you to tap your phone and purchase a soda.


4) navigation; computers and smartphones; electronic; gaming; POS