Lynn Reiswig

ITS 230

Chapter 4


True/False:  1=F, 2=T, 3=F, 4=T, 5=T, 6=F, 7=T, 8=F, 9=T, 10=T, 11=F, 12=F

Multiple Choice: 1=d, 2=a, 3=a, 4=c, 5=b, 6=a, 7=c, 8=b

Matching:  1=d, 2=b, 3=e, 4=i, 5=g, 6=f, 7=a, 8=c, 9=j, 10=h

Consider This, answer 3 questions

2.  The role of the operating system is to “coordinate all activities among computer or mobile device hardware” and so you can use “applications, such as a browser or word processing program.”


3.  System software is the collection of the operating system and other tools that collectively are “the programs that control or maintain the operations of the computer and its devices.”


4.  The advantages of Open source software are:

a) Can usually be downloaded from the Internet, often at no cost,

b) No restrictions from copyright holders

c) Users can modify the software and share their improvements

d) Users can personalize the software to meet their needs


Internet Research:  #3

(1)    Filezilla



Classic FTP


(2)   H&R Block





(4)    Google calendar

To-Do List

ToDo Task Manager

Jorte Calendar & Organizer