Lynn Reiswig

ITS 230

Chapter 5


True/False: 1=F, 2=F, 3=T, 4=T, 5=T, 6=T, 7=F, 8=F, 9=F, 10=T, 11=T, 12=F

Multiple Choice:  1= d, 2= a, 3= c, 4= d, 5= a, 6= d, 7= d, 8= b

Matching:  1= h, 2= a, 3= c, 4= b, 5= i, 6= g, 7= e, 8= j, 9= f, 10=d

Consider This, answer 3 questions

#2.  Some common digital security risk are:  Internet and network attacks, unauthorized access and use, hardware theft, software theft, information theft, and system failure.

#3.  The difference between a hacker and cracker is that some hackers claim their intent of security breaches is to improve security.  Whereas a cracker has the intent of destroying data, stealing information, or other malicious action.  Both access a computer or network illegally.

#4.  Cyberwarfare describes an attack whose goal ranges from disabling a government’s computer network to crippling a country.  Usually requires a team of highly skilled individuals, millions of dollars, and several years of planning.

Internet Research:




Bob Dylan wins Nobel Prize in Literature.   WDIO provided a video and a better story and analysis.  It was also easier to navigate and read.

“Every 7 seconds, a young girl becomes a bride, report says”

Though I knew about arranged marriages I was not aware of the startling statistics or the extent of the issue.  Interesting and sad story about the disadvantage and abuse of child brides and human trafficking.  Article included video and photos that expanded the story.  All increased my comprehension. 




No quality, storm or travel advisories. 

Friday: Mostly sunny, high near 61, south wind 5 to 15 mph

Saturday: Chance of showers, cloudy, high near 64, south wind 5 to 10 mph

Sunday:  Mostly sunny, high near 60

Monday:  Slight chance of showers before 1pm, partly sunny, high near 60

Tuesday:  Chance of showers, mostly cloudy, high near 59




Top stories: “Penguins raise their 2016 Stanley Cup Banner”

Season opening game for the Pittsburgh Penguins against the Washington Capitals.  Before the game at Pittsburgh, their 2016 Stanley Cup banner was raise to the rafters during the pre-game ceremony.

There were no other sources quoted in this story.  There were links to Penguin’s captain Sidney Crosby and another player Evgeni Malkin.

This page allows you to leave comments, link to watch the game live, displays scores of current games for other teams, go to other sports and download apps for different devices.