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About us

Mission and value to customer:

Our goal is to provide high quality service to bring you the item you are looking for. 

The company was started as a way to bring a wide variety of outdoor hats in one location.   This includes high quality hats from high end producers.  It give you a one stop look at similar to different types of hat available, and the ability to order any type and brand from this site.  It includes ordering hats for our customers, simply by telling us what name or brand or even a picture of it.  

Our business model is B2C.   All business is conducted by Internet and online transactions.


Infrastructure technology:      tech
E-commerce, no physical store



  • Google search

  • Social networks

  • Online outdoor magazine

  • Online vacation sites

sunRtC Affects

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Disclaimer: This website is designed for a class final project.  All photos are use for the sole purpose of populating the website as examples and for educational purposes.
Photos are from: Alibaba; Pixabay