its 380-01 Global E-commerce Systems, Spring 2017




Name:              Shin-Ping Liu Tucker, Ph.D.      

Office:              Swenson 3025

Phone:              715-394–8466


Class:               1/23-5/19; 1-1:50PM, MWF, SW3011


Office Hours:   T 1-4pm (exception from faculty senate meetings 2:30-4pm on 1/31, 2/21, 3/28, 4/18) , W 3-4pm and F 11am-1pm, or by appointment

Materials:          See Desire2Learn (D2L)





Required Textbooks


Laudon, K. C. & Traver, C. G. (2017). E-Commerce 2016: Business. Technology. Society. (12th Edition). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall. (ISBN-10: 0-13-393895-6)


*Note that as long as you are able to finish the weekly assignments without any difficulties, it is ok to use the old version of textbooks.


Software may be needed


· You must sign up account. Check on your campus email or contact the Technology Services Help Desk at SW2100, 715-394-8300 or e-mail

·         In the end of semester, you need to design and implement an online store web site for your final project. Below lists the software you may need to use.

ü  Build from scratch: Microsoft Expression, Adobe Dreamweaver, HTML editors, CGI Scripts and SQL Database

ü  Use pre-built templates (i.e., online store management systems): Google Sites, Yahoo Merchant Solutions, Amazon Webstore, WordPress,,,, (ch4), (ch4), etc.


Session Guide


This Session Guide is provided for your convenience. Minor tweaks are almost inevitable as the semester proceeds. You should check this session guide from D2L frequently.




1) 1/23(M), 1/25(W), 1/27(F)

· Syllabus

· Read Syllabus twice

· Post your biography to Communication tab -> Discussions ->Your Bio & comment on others by 2/3(M)

2) 1/30(M), 2/1(W), 2/3(F)

· CH1 The Revolution Is Just Beginning


· CH1 (Due 2/3, F): Answer Case study Question on p47, Questions #1, 5, 10, 15 on p49, and any one (1) question from Projects on p49-50

3) 2/6(M), 2/8(W), 2/10(F)

· CH2 E-commerce Business Models and Concepts

· CH2 (Due 2/10, F): Answer Case study Question on p101, Questions #1, 5, 10, 15, 20 on p102-103, and any one (1) question from Projects on p103

4) 2/13(M), 2/15(W), 2/17(F)

· CH3 E-commerce Infrastructure: The Internet, Web, and Mobile Platform

· CH3 (Due 2/17, F): Answer Case study Question on p180, Questions #1, 5, 10, 15, 20 on p182, and any one (1) question from Projects on p182-183

5) 2/20(M), 2/22(W), 2/24(F)

· CH4 Building an E-commerce Presence: Web Sites, Mobile Sites, and Apps


· CH4 (Due 2/24, F): Answer Case study Question on p245, Questions #1, 5, 10, 15, 20 on p248, and any one (1) question from Projects on p248-249

6) 2/27(M), 3/1(W), 3/3(F)

· EXAM1 (2/27, M): CH1-4

· CH5 E-commerce Security and Payment Systems


· CH5 (Due 3/3, F): Answer Case study Question on p324, Questions #1, 5, 10, 15, 20 on p328, and any one (1) question from Projects on p328

7) 3/6(M), 3/8(W), 3/10(F)

· CH6 E-commerce Marketing and Advertising Concepts


· CH6 (Due 3/10, F): Answer Case study Question on p412, Questions #1, 5, 10, 15, 20 on p415, and any one (1) question from Projects on p415-416

8) 3/13(M), 3/15(W), 3/17(F)

· CH7 Social, Mobile, and Local Marketing


· CH7 (Due 3/17, F): Answer Case study Question on p484, Questions #1, 5, 10, 15, 20 on p487-488 and any one (1) question from Projects on p488

9) 3/20(M), 3/22(W), 3/24(F)

· Spring Break (3/20-3/24)


10) 3/27(M), 3/29(W), 3/31(F)

· CH8 Ethical, Social, and Political Issues in E-commerce


· CH8 (Due 3/31, F): Answer Case study Question on p563, Questions #1, 5, 10, 15, 20 on p566, and any one (1) question from Projects on p566-567

11) 4/3(M), 4/5(W), 4/7(F)

· EXAM2 (4/3, M): EXAM1, CH5-7

· CH9 Online Retail and Services


· CH9 (Due 4/7, M): Answer Case study Question on p630, Questions #1, 5, 10, 15, 20 on p633, and any one (1) question from Projects on p633-634

12) 4/10(M), 4/12(W), 4/14(F)

· CH10 Online Content and Media

· CH10 (Due 4/17, M): Answer Case study Question on p703, Questions #1, 5, 10, 15, 20 on p704-705, and any one (1) question from Projects on p705

13) 4/17(M), 4/19(W), 4/21(F)

· CH11 Social Networks, Auctions, and Portals

· CH11 (Due 4/21, F): Answer Case study Question on p744, Questions #1, 5, 10, 15, 20 on p747, and any one (1) question from Projects on p747

14) 4/24(M), 4/26(W), 4/28(F)

· EXAM3 (4/24, M): EXAM1-2, CH9-11

· CH12 B2B E-commerce: Supply Chain Management and Collaborative Commerce

· CH12 (Due 4/28, F): Answer Case study Question on p804, Questions #1, 5, 10, 15, 20 on p807, and any one (1) question from Projects on p807-808

15) 5/1(M), 5/3(W), 5/5(F)

· Working on the final project

· Final Presentations (5/3, W): Class ID 0001-0004

· Final Presentations (5/5, F): Class ID 0005-008

· Final Project (Due- prior to Your Presentation Day): Link to web site; otherwise, 10% off penalty will be given each time; presentations will follow by the class ID order


16) 5/8(M), 5/10(W), 5/12(F)

· Final Presentations (5/8, M): Class ID 0009-0012 & teaching evaluation

· Final Presentations (5/10, F): Class ID 00013-0016

· Last day of class (5/12, F)

· After the last day of class (5/12, F), the instructor would refuse to update any grades. Please work closely before the last day of class approaching.

17) 5/17 (W)

· EXAM 4 (i.e., Final Exam, 5/17, W, 1:00PM-3:00PM): EXAM1-3 & CH11-12

· Final exam includes 50 multiple choice questions only!




A close look at technology that enables businesses to leverage information to their strategic advantage. Examines the businesses use to improve productivity, manage information, market and sell product, streamline supply chains, and compete on a global scale that has led to a revolution in the business enterprise. Students are guided through systems that include enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management, supply chain management, middleware, enterprise application integration, and e-commerce.


Intended Outcomes


·         Understand basic e-commerce and e-business systems on key areas of strategic planning- business, technology, and society

·         Know about developing, managing, and maintaining a successful e-commerce site, including the technical logistics of setting up a site

·         Case studies and examples illustrate how theory is successfully translated into real-life business scenarios

·         Guide students with integrity of heart and skillful hands


Evaluation procedure


There are two main principles in our grading policy, fairness and transparency. You should follow all policies on the syllabus and check on your grades on D2L frequently. The overall final grading procedure is as follows:


I. Assignments


You have to turn in both hardcopies and working files for each assignment.

II. Four (4) exams


All exams are comprehensive.

III. Final Project


Your professional presentation is extremely important.

IV. Participation


Each absence will take 20 points off up to a total of 100 points of the Participation grade.





Calculated your own grade:

Your Overall Final Grade= AvgOfAssignments*0.4 + AvgOfExams*0.4 + FinalProject*0.1 + Participation*0.1


Your current grade status will be always available in the D2L Grades (not Quizzes) section. You should check on your current grades on D2L frequently. Your overall final grade will be assigned on the basis of your total weighted average as follows.

B+  87-89

C+  77-79

D+  67-69

A   94 and above

B   84-86

C   74-76

D   64-66

F   Below 60

 A-   90-93

 B-   80-83

 C-   70-73

 D-   60-63


I. Assignments (40%): The total is 100 points for each assignment.

1.     When you work on assignments of E-commerce Site 2016, you need to type answers in Word document along with the questions, and then link to your web site for each chapter.

2.     Forgetting to submit your assignment is absolutely not a good excuse. Please do not ask the instructor for credit.

3.     All assignments are due no later than 4:30pm on the due date.

4.     All assignments not turned in will incur a 10% penalty for every calendar day.

5.     If you have an acceptable documented excuse for your absence, you have to turn in your assignment in 3 calendar days after the day excused for full points.

6.     Always save your working files on two different drives, flash drive or cloud storage.

7.     Since the due dates of all assignments are included on this syllabus, a slow learner should work on assignments ahead of time. If you'd like to request an extension for your late assignment, you must show an acceptable excuse note, signed by physician or authority people.

8.    All assignments are a one-week assignment, not a one-day assignment. You must work on your assignments as early as you can. Do not complain about the heavy work.


II. Four Exams (40%):

1.     The format of the exams includes two parts (except Final Exam): Part 1 Multiple choice questions on D2L and Part II essay questions. The final exam includes 50 multiple choice questions only. You have to choose the best answer for these multiple choice questions.

2.     Before you start to answer exam questions, you must read the following policies first:

1)    This is not an open-book exam.

2)    You won't be allowed to use any books or other paper-based materials.

3)    You won't be allowed to see each other's computer.

4)    You won't be allowed to talk to each other. If you have any questions, you can raise your hand and the instructor will talk to you.

5)    You must finish Part 1 first before you start Part II; otherwise, the instructor will assume that you are cheating.

6)    You only allow opening one single window for Part I; otherwise the instructor will assume that you are cheating.

7)    If you fail to follow above (1) to (6), the instructor will ask you to leave and a grade of ZERO will be given. Do not try to bend these policies. The instructor will be very strict during the exam.

8)    You must submit your exam on time; otherwise, 10 points off will be given for each late minute. You need to upload your file at least five (5) minutes earlier before the time-out. Please make a judgment wisely.

9)    After uploading the working file to the Dropbox, close and re-open it to make sure that it is workable.

10) Troubleshooting for all technical problems is part of test, too (except campus-wide power or network failure). It is your responsibility to pick a good computer prior to the exam day.

11) This is your exam; do not expect that the instructor will help you out during the exam time.

12) If you fail to upload the file or upload the wrong file to the designated Dropbox, a grade of ZERO will be given. Do not ask the instructor to upload the file again after the exam- this absolutely violates the exam policy.

13) After finishing the exam, students should monitor each other. If you see someone violate the exam policy, you must make a report to the instructor.


III. Final Project (10%):

1.     Objectives: Create a professional e-commerce web site on a topic of interest related to any business companies. These businesses can be any your own collections, industries, colleges, banking and investing, etc. The purpose of this project is for you to use your creativity and management acumen to integrate and apply what you have learned in this course into empirical practices.

2.     Presentation: Presentation should be approximate 10 minutes (but not limited to) in length for each person. Failing to make a presentation on time, a 10% off penalty will be given per time. Failing to make a presentation, a grade of zero will be given to your final project.

3.     Required Contents: You must include the following required contents in your professional e-commerce or e-business web site. The total is 100 points.

§  Self-designed logo (5pts)

§  Company Page(s) (25pts): Company information including

o   Background and Mission statements(5pts)

o   Business models(5pts)

o   Infrastructure technology(5pts)

o   Value chains(5pts)

o   Marketing communications(5pts); e.g., online advertising

§  Product Categories Page (5pts): Products along with product images, item name and price

§  Contact Us Page (5pts): Contact information

§  FAQ Page (5pts): At least 5 frequently asked questions

§  Affiliation Page (5pts): At least 5 affiliate networks

§  Privacy or Copyright Page (5pts)

§  Search Page (5pts)

§  Customer Reviews Page (5pts)

§  Sign-in Page (5pts)

§  Newsletter Subscribe Page (5pts)

§  Special Sales for Discount Page (5pts)

§  Shopping Cart Process Pages including Add to Cart and checking out functions (20pts)

§   [Optional] Extra points

o  Video (5pts): The length should not be longer than 2 minutes.

o  Visual objects (2pts/ea; each category can only count once including products, brochures, badges, uniform, etc.)

3.     Deadlines: Final project is due prior to your presentation day. Link your project to your web site. Presentations will follow by the class ID order

4.     If you feel the preceding information is insufficient for the final project, it is your responsibility to ask the instructor about the details. Working closely with the instructor is extremely important!

5.     Note that if you are able to sell at least 20 items from C2C or B2C web site, you may replace this project described above. During the presentation time, you may show us the whole selling process you involved via PowerPoint slides and the C2C or B2C real web site.


IV. Participation and Discussion (10%):

1.     The Participation grade is a reward to the students who are always present and show up in class on time.

2.     Each absence will take 20 points off up to a total of 100 points of the Participation grade (i.e., each absence will take 2% off up to a total of 10% of your overall grade).

3.     Punctuality is extremely important for this class! After the instructor takes the roll, do not ask your instructor to fix the attendance roll.  (Note that one time tardiness will be allowed.)

4.     Active participation in class discussions is part of the grades as well.

5.     You may bring healthy snack to remove one of absence “zeros.”


Course Policies


Course policies are highly related to your overall grades. Please read carefully before the class starts.

1.     The World Is Flat (by Thomas L. Friedman; one of the New York Times bestselling books in 2005). Do not complain about the instructor’s accent, unless you can speak a second language better than the instructor does. If you cannot understand the instructor’s speech, you should raise a hand or voice and then ask for a repeat immediately.

2.     If you are absent when an exam is given or when an assignment is due, you will receive a grade of zero unless the absence or missed assignment is excused. To be excused, you must present a paper-based excuse note to the instructor in 3 calendar days after the day excused for full points. The paper-based excuse note could be one of the following items.

1)    A note signed by a physician or nurse,

2)    A note signed by authority, e.g., a coach or professor.

3)    A receipt from your medicine (Note that one time medicine bottle/package will be allowed; one time a pain relief receipt will be allowed.)

4)    A picture for your car problem; e.g., a flat tire.

5)    The excuse notes signed by friends, parents or other family members are NOT acceptable.

3.     Do not share your assignment/exam files with other students. If you do, this is cheating and a grade of ZERO will be given.

4.     Planned exams can be rescheduled if notified two (2) days in advance along with acceptable documented excuses.

5.     If you are a college athlete, you should turn in your entire game schedule to your instructor in the beginning of the semester. Rescheduling exams in 2 days in advance is your responsibility.

6.     Absolutely no late rescheduling will be allowed after the exam date.

7.    Since the exam/assignment dates are included on this syllabus, it is your responsibility to plan your outside work schedule accordingly. Please notify your employer that work related absences are not sufficient excuses for missing an exam or an assignment. (Note that one time work excuse will be allowed.)

8.     Buying the textbooks and bringing them to the classroom are your responsibilities. Do not ask and borrow the textbooks from your instructor; otherwise 5 points off the Participation grade will be given each time.

9.     Self-study is extremely important for college-level courses. The instructor only provides the outlines for each chapter. Pre-study can help you understand the lectures better.

10.  It is your responsibility to attend class regularly and to complete all readings and assignments on time. You are responsible for finding out what assignments were made and what material was covered on the days you miss class. Ignorance is no excuse.

11.  Cheating and plagiarism are unacceptable practices. Anyone caught will be expelled from class and receive an F for the semester. Other academic misconduct will be treated on a case-by-case basis as discussed in the Student Handbook.

12.  Fairness is extremely important to the entire class. After posting the overall final grade, student should not ask for a new grade. Students only receive the grade what they have earned. Note that after the last day of class, the instructor will refuse to change any grades.

13.  Classroom Policies: Students are NOT allowed to (1) Use the printer during the lecture and exam time; (2) Have the phone ring or other electronic noises during the lecture and exam time; (3) Or students forget to bring the textbook and syllabus. If student fails to follow above (1) to (3), he or she must bring healthy snacks to classroom on the final presentation day; otherwise, a penalty of 20 participation points off will be given.


University Policies


Student Information Sheet of campus policies is located at the following URL  => Click “Syllabus Attachment”