Lab SF 2-1

Three e-commerce sites for small-batch coffee beans that I looked at.

1.      Beans Coffee Company -

2.      Speakeasy Coffee Company -

3.      Earthback Coffee Roasters -


All three roast and sell small batches of coffee and blends with one that offers large batches and wholesale.All sell their products online with minimal to no advertising.


How would I present a new e-commerce site

I would sell specialty blends and single originals.

They would be sold whole or ground based on the customerís choice.

I would also offer designer coffee cups and specialty coffee maker.

Present information on the different types of bean and how it would enhance the consumerís coffee drinking experience.


Generating of Revenue

††††††††††† Online orders to individuals and retail companies

††††††††††† Give discounts for loyalty customers that order on a weekly basis

††††††††††† Offer club membership for one free small batch of coffee of the customerís choice after they purchase 10 batches of coffee.

††††††††††† Advertise with companies like Amazon and ebay

Basically get our product out and available to anyone searching for specialty coffees.