WCH 10 Lab 1


Personal Site

Educational Site

Product or Service Site


My class website



a) Purpose or message


Provides homework in a format as directed by the professor and to show evidence that my homework was done.


Provide helpful videos and information on a wide variety of subjects to further aid education or as a tool to learning needs.


Provide online shopping for a wide variety of merchandise at reasonable to lower price and without having to leave home or pick up items.


b) Target audience


Professor, fellow students and the grader.

Students, educators and everyone who has an account.


Everyone who shops online.

c) design element


As a home page to list work available for viewing, the list is simple and easy to find. It is set to be readable and clear.


The design is simple and easy to navigate with buttons for varies courses.  The purpose was ease of search for the student or visitor.  Items are grouped by categories. 

The items are the main focus so there is not a need to be flashy. Just clear concise pictures so customers can judge and see the items they want.  That is more important than a color or design theme.


d) design concept

I would say the design is balance and proportional to the page.  Alignments are centered and evenly space.


I would say the design is balance and proportional.  Set in an orderly design for ease of research.  It seems every page is about the same set up.

The design is fairly balance, though there are so many items that it can feel overwhelming at times.  However, that is their appeal for shoppers which is having a lot of options.


e) Is page adequate? If not what are suggestions?

The page is adequate for the purpose it serves.  Simple and gives all required information needed.

The page does provide the Who? What? And Where? for visitors and is a good starting point.

The page does provide the necessary first step to get started.  It does answer the questions of Who? What? And Where?