1. The benchmarks I would set up is the number of unique visitors and repeat visitor that actually buy my products. I want to know what pages they view and the path they took. This will help set up similar pages that visitor like and make it easier to funnel to the pages they tend to purchase from. It will also help figure what repeat visitors enjoy to bring them back. What specific pages keep the visitors and what type of content they will spend time viewing. This will give a better idea of how to entice a purchase at the most visited page.





      Lead capture, Alerts, Scoring,

      Campaign/Conversion Tracking

      In-depth real-time Analytics

      Pricing starts around $125/month






      Optimization and testing

      Big data connector

      Client services

      Pricing depends on information and contact with business





      Strategic prioritization and roadmapping

      Marketing planning and design

      Many other servies

      Pricing information is requested by company for price.

Even though I could not get the pricing, I would choose Webtrends due to the comparison of the Infinity Analytics against Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics 360 and Google Analytics Standard. The comparison shows its ability to analyze the same as having the other three combined.