ITS 335






Lynn Reiswig

ITS 335-W1 Web Page Authoring


CH0 Introduction: Website Development and Adobe Dreamweaver Creative Cloud Lab I-2_Reiswig_Lynn.html

CH1 Creating a Website with Dreamweaver plan

HCH1 Introduction to HTML lab1-1 goodsolution.docx, lab1-1 badsolution.docx, lab1-1 comparison.docx

Exam 1(apply2-1.html)

CH2 Creating a Template for a Mobile Website Using Responsive Design (Gallery)

HCH2 Creating and Editing a Web Page Using Inline Style Sheets (rockclimbing.html)

CH3 Modifying a Responsive Design Template for Tablet and Desktop Displays (Gallery)

HCH3 Creating Web Pages with Links, Images, and Embedded Style Sheets (underwatertours.html)

CH4 Creating Tables in a Web Site Using an External Style Sheet (Oceanside Hotel and Sports Club)

Exam 2 (apply4-1 solution.html)

CH5 Creating an Image Map (Lake Tahanna Tourism)

CH6 Creating a Form on a Web page ( Blu Wav Music )

CH7 Using Advanced Cascading Style Sheets (Jared Adam’s Adventure Travel)

Exam 3 (apply6-1solution.html)

CH8 Multimedia (Longfellow House)

Ch9 Integrating JavaScript and XHTML (Midwest Bridal Expo)

Final Project (Unique Jams and Honey)