Lei Shi

ITS 380



Case Study Questions

1.      Why does Pinterest view Google as its primary competitor?

Because Google is the main search engine when people want to search something. Google is one of the largest and most successful search engine and website in the world. Although people want to search a picture, their first choice will be Google not Pinterest, Pinterest is much better.

2.      Why does Pinterest focus on the smartphone platform when it develops new features and products?

Because smartphone is popular and right now almost everyone uses smartphone every day. Most smartphones can download apps and many companies have their own apps. Smartphone almost have the same abilities as the personal computer, but smartphone is more convenience.

3.      Why is copyright infringement a potential issue for Pinterest?

Like a simple picture, it is hard to get permission from the original photographer. Pinterest should be add something on the picture to protect the photo, like ďweiboĒ in China, use ďwater-markĒ to write userís name on every picture, thatís the way can avoid this kind of problem.




1.    What is e-commerce? How does it differ from e-business? Where does it intersect with e-business? 

(1) E-commerce is the use of internet the Web, and apps to transact business.

(2) E-commerce differs from e-business in that no commercial transaction, an exchange of value across organizational or individual boundaries, takes place in e-business. E-business is the digital enabling of transactions and processes within a firm, involving information systems under a firmís control. E-business does not include commercial transactions involving an exchange of value across organization boundaries.

(3) E-business is online transactions within the business itself and E-commerce is online transactions with others. These can overlap when working with coworkers on a project for another company.

5. What are the three benefits of universal standards?

(1) Reduced search costs for consumers; (2) Becomes simpler and faster with more accurate price discovery; (3) Lower market entry costs for merchants.

10. How are e-commerce technologies similar to or different from other technologies that have changed commerce in the past?

††††††††††† The internet is much more revolutionary compared to other types, like radio, TV, etc. It is growing at a much more rapid rate. It has a much higher interactivity and reach at a much lower entry cost.


15. Discuss the ways in which the early years of e-commerce can be considered both a success and a failure.

††††††††††† Success: period of explosive growth and extraordinary innovation. Fueled in by over $125 billion in venture capital.

Failure: not enough bandwidth for anything complex. Market was limited to static simple pages with minimal information.



4.      Prepare a brief report or presentation on how companies are using Instagram or another company of your choosing as a social e-commerce platform.

First of all, like Instagram, can use pictures or short videos to show the new or upcoming products, it is easily to show how the product works, what the product can do. There are a lot of people use Instagram or Facebook, like young people donít like read news by newspaper or TV ads, but they get the information from Instagram or Facebook. Young people would like to see the picture to instead of reading works to know a new things. Thatís the way can make more and more people to know this product.