ITS 380

Chapter 7

Lei Shi


Case Study

1: Find a site on the Web that offers classified ads for horses. Compare this site to in terms of the services offered (the customer value proposition). What does The Exchange offer that other sites do not? is a Web site that has a fundamental similarity with But services a very simple, easily use website that doesn’t offer. offers a very warm reaction that lacks.

2: In what ways were social media effective in promoting The Exchange brand? Which media led to the most increase in sales and inquiries? Why?

1.      It has grabbed attention of potential customers

2.      It has increased visibility of the brand

3.      It has provided customer feedback and helped improve its services

4.      Feedbacks of certified customers have validated the business.

Presence on facebook has been most successful in generating web traffic and leads. Followers of the facebook page are greater than those on twitter or any other social media website.

3: Make a list of all the ways the Exchange attempts to personalize its services to both sellers and buyers.

1.      It has a very strong presence on social networking sites. It has so many posts with pictures providing real time experience to buyers and sellers

2.      It has many videos on youtube

3.      It has a link of show calendar on its website showing the dates on which horse shows are being held.


1: Describe the two factors that make social, local, and mobile marketing different from traditional online marketing?

The differences between social-mobile-local marketing and advertising are the related concepts of “conversation” and “engagement.” Marketing today is based on businesses marketing themselves as partners in multiple online conversations with their customers, potential customers, and even critics.

5: What are the major social network sides?

            Facebook, youtube, twitter, linkedln, priterest, google plus, tumblr.

10: List and describe briefly Twitter marketing tools.

            Twitonomy: analytics about tweets, Retweets, answers or Hashtags from every user.

   Get information of a Tweet, Retweet, answers and Hashtags.

Twitter-Analytics Dashboard: Statistics of the own Account activity, which tweets are the most popular and collect demographic data of the followers

15: What is the fastest growing m-commerce platform and why?

            Hosted shopping cart items

For shopping

20: List and describe some basic location-based marketing-tools.

            Geo-targeting of ads involves sending ads based on the user’s location.

In-store messaging involves messaging consumers while entering and browsing in a retail store.

Consumers who seek information about local businesses using mobile devices are much more active andready to purchase than desktop users.


1: Visit the Web sites of at least two different online companies. Make a list ofthe social, mobile, and local marketing efforts you see on the Web site. Dotheir pages display Like it! plug-ins, and/or Google +1 logos? Do they have a Facebook page? If so, visit the pages to see how they use their Facebook pages. Is it different from their Web site pages? Can you identify how the firms use mobile marketing? Use your smartphone or tablet to access their Web sites. Are their Web sites designed specifically for each platform? In conclusion, compare and critically contrast these firms, and make recommendations for how you, as a marketing manager, would improve their effectiveness.

Visited For each of the products being sold by ebay, there are various options that connect to social networking sites. The options available are ‘Email to friends’, ‘Share of Facebook’, ‘Share on Twitter’, ‘Share on Pinterest’. Each of the options connect to the respective network pages. There are also sponsored links for different other related products to the products I am searching.Visited For every news article or sports column the share option is available to share the content on Facebook or Twitter or email or pinterest.  Both the websites have their own facebook pages. These pages also share content of the parent websites.Yes, the website are also having mobile platforms. The content is much more customized for user specific needs and the data consumption is less and speed is more.