Ch. 1

Review and Discuss:

1.       Any combination of audio, video, images, and text used to convey a message through technology.

2.       Be flexible, keep an open mind, use initiative, listen and read attentively, seek to acquire new knowledge and skills.

3.       Good attendance, promptness, proper attire, clean and safe work environment, appropriate voice, pride.

4.       Plan, design, build, and maintain effective communications using different forms of digital media.

5.       Flash drive, hard drive, network backup, online backup.

6.       Making backups of important information/files, have a good antivirus, donít download any suspicious files or access any suspicious links, have a strong password, pay attention to any situation that might endanger your equipment.

7.       Only used trusted networks, and if you are really tech savvy you could encrypt your own files.

8.       Has a minimum of eight characters, use both upper and lower case letters, use at least one number, and use at least one special character.

9.       The purpose of ergonomics is to design a workplace for maximum safety and productivity.

10.   Create an effective workstation, correct keyboarding technique, correct mouse techniques, and taking a break.



3. Steam (video game service), Netflix, YouTube, UWS Website, Computer labs. My password is secure even though I use roughly the same one for everything. My plan is to substitute some regular letters with numbers and special characters.