ITS 364 CH 10

1.       Contrast makes things stand out and similarity keeps the viewers attention directed at the design.

2.       Balance is important because with an imbalance the viewers eyes will be drawn towards one certain point and not anywhere else.

3.       The human brain views patterns as appealing so when something is out of alignment the patterns is broken and the brain see it as unappealing or even annoying.

4.       Emphasis makes certain things stand out and become the center of attention and creates a focal point. Unity is harmony between elements of a design. White space is the absence of anything in a design which helps contrast certain elements.

5.       Bleeding is used to grab the attention of viewers and suggests movement.

6.       Master page is the background design that applies to every page. Templates are the design that gets put onto every page.

7.       PDFs can be opened on any computer because PDF programs are typically free.

8.       Grids can help line up elements on a page and help create an appealing document.

9.       The types of rhythm are regular, flowing, and progressive. Rhythm is the way in which eyes travel through an image. Itís important because it can create movement in a still image.

10.   Using white space is important because it makes a design look less intimidating and time consuming. A pitfall is when you donít balance the amount of whitespace making the design look unbalanced.