ITS 364 Ch. 11

1.       Analog is recorded as waves trying to reproduce what the human ear hears. It uses wavelength and frequency to determine sound. Digital uses zeros and ones which get read by the computer to produce sound.

2.       Sample rate is the number of times a sound is measured. Sample rate is the number of bits used.

3.       A sound card is either integrated into the motherboard or a separate component that allows the computer to play sound. It does digital to audio and analog to audio conversions.

4.       WAV is the audio format used mostly on computers and WMA is used by Microsoft but can be played on many devices. Both have lossless and lossy compressions. WMA is better quality.

5.       Listening to audio too loudly can damage your own hearing. It can also damage the speaker or headphones. Plus other people may not want to listen to what you are listening to.

6.       First you have to plug the mic into your computer and let it install any drivers if necessary. Then you have to go into the microphone settings in your computer and make sure the mic is activated. Once that is done go into the recording program and double check that it is using the correct mic. After that is done you are ready to record.

7.       Sound editors convert sounds to different formats. You can add effects, add other sounds, and edit parts of the sounds.

8.       MIDI is the protocol which allows electrical musical instruments and devices to communicate with each other. It records the notes that were played and the length they were played as opposed to recording the vibrations. Ripping is taking the audio off of a CD and putting it on a computer.

9.       A mounted mic will give a more consistent sound because the distance away from you is always the same. A lapel mic works better is you have to move around because it is pinned to one spot on your body and you donít have to worry about holding it to your mouth.

10.   Codecs that are designed for speech use a narrower range of frequencies which means they can be compressed more that music files.