ITS 364 Ch 13

1.       XHTML lets different browsers to display pages with similar designs. It uses templates, media, HTML5, CSS, and Java code.

2.       Tags are put in pairs with an opening tag and a closing tag.

3.       The closing tag ends format so it won’t be applied to any other text after the end tag.

4.       The attribute is “center”. Attribute values are always in quotations marks.

5.       Empty elements have no content. A line break tag  puts a horizontal ruler over an image.

6.       Thinking about what type of display is being used, the browser being used, and the speed and connection of the device.

7.       Same as above.

8.       A developer would be considering using a lower pixel resolution for mobile device users.

9.       Font issues can be avoided by using the most common font types.

10.   Mobile devices have smaller screens so keeping a less cluttered webpage will help the overall look of the page. Adding more links instead of having main content on the home page.