ITS 364 Ch. 14

1.       If you plan out the website before you start to build it you will already have an idea of how to structure your code.

2.       Wireframing will show how the different pages connect to each other and allows a layout of how the site will function.

3.       Searches lets a user find a specific page that they want to visit without having to search each individual page.

4.       You need to know your audience because you want your website to appeal to them and have it geared towards them. If your audience doesnít like your website they wonít use it.

5.       i) The home page should be simple and clear.

ii) The links on your page should all work.

ii) Each page should have their own purpose.

iv) Not too much text.

v) Photos should be an appropriate size.

6.       Each stage of the planning process should be approved by the final authority because if there is something wrong or that they donít like itís better to catch it earlier rather than later.

7.       Using descriptive keywords in filenames is important because if youíre using a search bar it will help identify pages where these keywords are found.

8.       Publishing focuses on the text and designing a web page has a lot to do with images and sizing the images properly is more important.

9.       Wireframing lets the visual layout and connection between links to have a visual. Multiple pages can be linked to a single page.

10.   Tables are helpful for organizing things by giving a column and a row. Div tags split a webpage into sections that allow different things to be put in groups.