ITS 364 Ch. 15

1.       Animations are used in logos, banners, and ads. You still need animation for not online uses. Depending on the situation a company may not need to use animation.

2.       The creator of GIF could reduce the resolution to keep a small file. You could restrict the number of frames as well.

3.       Keep the file small ensures it loads quickly and limits the color used in the images.

4.       Static animation begins at one point and ends at another. Stateful animation is an action performed like a rollover when the animation changes. Dynamic animation is when user input moves the animation along

5.       2D animation is when height and width axis are used. 3D animation is action on height, width, and length. Stop motion are animations put together by individual pictures at a high rate of speed.

6.       Pros: smaller file sizes, quicker loading, doesn’t use images. Cons: not universally compatible, doesn’t support complicated images, doesn’t work alone.

7.       DHTML is used to animate text to change color when a mouse cursor moves over it to show it is now clickable.

8.       Javascript is used to run certain applications to do something on a website for the user. IT can create a game within a browser. CSS3 is used to keep a consistent format throughout the webpage.

9.       HTML5 creates dynamic 2D animations to an image. SVG are vector based graphics that are scalable and show using XML to display graphics.