ITS 364 Ch. 16

1.       Lossy compression is when a file is downsized by removing graphical information that doesnít really need to be in the image. It takes out needless repetition to lessen the file size. Lossless files keep the original file.

2.       Streaming audio prevents viruses from infiltrating your device while also keeping your storage open. Streaming allows for nearly instant play while downloading needs to acquire the entire file to play.

3.       Controls allow for the user to edit where a song starts playing from. The user can skip forward or backwards in playlists and can choose whether to play a file or not.

4.       HTML5 allows the file to be played within the code of HTML. MP3 is the most common audio file type used by browsers.

5.       The website should not use the RealPlayer plug-in. The same effect can be accomplished with the regular XHTML, HTML5, and other web code language. The main reason would be that the users of the webpage would also need RealPlayer compatibility to be able to use the applications on the site.

6.       XML is used for moving files. Using it with XTML allows files to be displayed in a useful way.

7.       I) Make sure you have a script or direction so there are no awkward pauses.

ii) Make sure itís not too long or too short so it keeps users interested but also has enough substance.

iii) Have decent equipment so the quality is not terrible to listen to.

iv) Make sure you arenít using any copyrighted items without permission.