ITS 364 Ch. 17

1.       XHTML and HTML5 are being developed with cooperation from the W3C to ensure compatibility and advancement of browsers.

2.       Code gets developed and reviewed then if deemed necessary it gets changed again and reviewed until acceptable.

3.       The new code needs to be implemented by browsers and made sure that it works correctly. People who are designing websites need to make sure they follow W3C guidelines to make sure all new developments are easily implemented.

4.       The WAI works with W3C to make sure all or as much content accessible to all people especially those with disabilities.

5.       Perceivability, operable, understandable, and robust.

6.       WCAG is enforced by federal law while W3C is just a set of guidelines that should be universally followed but arenít always.

7.       Websites have been used in the same basic way for a while and users expect to them to act in a certain way. Menus and tabs should be on the left or along the top and search bars are typically in the top right, titles at the top and all general information about the website at the bottom of each page. Every branch page should also have a link to get back to the previous page and/or the home page.

8.       Each page should have keywords that users are searching for, so a search engine can find the page. The content still must relate to the keywords otherwise people will not find the content they are looking for.

9.       Have certain keywords that are frequently searched so there is a better chance that your website will be a hit on a search engine. You could use Google analytics to see which relative keywords are being searched for.

10.   Search engine optimization should be used to help make your website result in a hit when keywords are searched for. SEO consultants should be used for businesses that base most of their business on websites, so they would need more traffic to their site. Places like restaurants who donít generally have most of their business online wouldnít need to use these types of consultants.