ITS 364 Ch. 18

1.       Itís important to know your audience because you want to make your presentation focused on what the viewers are interested in.

2.       Analysis, understand, demographics, interest, environment, needs, customization, expectations. It helps create an effective presentation because it is basically a step-by-step guide on how to make your presentation.

3.       Presentation software should be used to help illustrate your ideas towards viewers.

4.       The first step is to make an outline. This helps guide how you create your presentation.

5.       You can use the features and shortcuts to edit the slide. If it is a different slide setup it may affect text settings.

6.       Establishing the most important idea you want your viewers to see.

7.       Donít put more than six lines of text on a slide.

8.       Parallelism is using the exact same structure for all text on a slide. Use a verb and a noun one multiple points.

9.       You could put the information that doesnít need to be in the presentation in the notes section of a presentation.

10.   Hyperlinks can connect slides which are not next to each other but connected through the link.