ITS 364 Ch. 19

1.       Advantages: The layout of slides are already set and you donít have to make any decisions based on layout. Disadvantages: The layout of a template may not be to a userís liking.

2.       Title and content is the most common slide layout. You can make the content section into more columns that allow for the dissection of content.

3.       Slide master allows you to put designs that apply to all slides. You can choose things like font size, style, and color, background, images, animations, and transitions.

4.       Certain colors are associated with different moods and emotions so you can set a color scheme to create that type of mood in your presentation.

5.       Bright red/ dark green: Complementary. Orange/blue: Complementary. Blue violet/yellow orange: Complementary. Violet/yellow: Complementary. Yellow green/green: Analogous.

6.       You should consider how easy it is to read, and if it matches the tone of the presentation.

7.       The text should be a proper size depending on how far away people are from the screen.

8.       Sometimes you need to omit visual effects because if you over saturate your presentation with animations making it uncomfortable to look at.

9.       Process shows a timeline. Hierarchy diagram shows a decision tree. Cycle diagram shows a continuous process. Relationship diagram shows connections.

10.   Whitespace can give a viewerís eyes a break and create a better visual aesthetic.