ITS 364 Ch. 22

1.       Email is more than a glorified way of sending mail because you can send more than just text in an email. You can send images, video, audio and different file sizes. You can also send the email to multiple people.

2.       They are free for one thing, easy to set up usually, and very easy to use and get going.

3.       Many email providers limit the size of files that you can send and you also you relies on the servers of the email provider so if they go down then you canít send or receive emails.

4.       SMS is sent from phone to phone quickly without taking away the interaction between sender and receiver.

5.       Cloud computing has an advantage because it doesnít take up any space on your device and the data can be accessed from anywhere you can connect from your device as long as you have the account information.

6.       Email providers set a limit on the size of the files you can send and there are many file sharing sites that have large limits. Also cloud storage could be an option if both people have access to the account.

7.       Social networking are websites that allow for the connection of people using user accounts. Tweeting just sends out whatever the user wishes and everyone can see the tweet unless you have privacy settings applied.

8.       Videoconferencing is a great way to get a group of people together over the internet. It allows for many people across long distances to connect and speak with minimal delay. This allows people to connect no matter where they are.