ITS 364 Ch. 23

1.       Forming: when the team members come together and form ideas. Storming: when the group starts brainstorming ideas. Norming: Agreeing on the ideas and what needs to happen. Performing: Implementing the ideas and accomplishing their plans.

2.       A team charter is needed because it helps determine goals and how the team will work together.

3.       Effective team communication is important because you are working with other people. It helps bouncing ideas off others and if you canít solve a problem someone else may be able to help, just like you may be able to help them solve a problem.

4.       Team building activities can help the success of a team because it builds trust and if you trust your other team members will make the right choices. This will help your projects run smoother and get done on time. It will reduce bickering and there will be no doubting the members of your team.

5.       An effective team meeting brings together everyone where they can share ideas and concerns. Having regular meetings can help air out concerns and get through problems as a group together fixing them earlier rather than later.

6.       Democracy is the probably biggest and best used tactic to solve issues. If the majority of the group agrees on something then itís hard to argue. Consensus means the whole group needs to agree.

7.       There are many programs which allow multiple people to work on them at the same time. These programs can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. Things like google drive allow multiple people to work on a project at the same time.

8.       A client needs to be able to handle anything they are given. A project manager needs to be able to control and direct each† member of the team to get the project to its finish as efficiently as possibly.

9.       The producer is responsible for the entire project and the user interface designer is in charge of designing what a user interacts with.

10.   A quality assurance analyst should be used to make sure the project is up to acceptable standards at every level and that members of the team are working diligently.