ITS 364 Ch 3

1.       Paint programs create images by using pictures and each pixel is given a colour. Drawing programs use vectors or lines to produce pictures.

2.       Raster graphics are most widely used and used with pixels so it can be more precise.

3.       Using a vector graphic can be scaled up or down without losing sharpness.

4.       Advantages are it is usually less expensive but the disadvantage is you must be connected to the internet to use them.

5.       It is important to know file extensions because each file format has advantages and disadvantages.

6.       BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG

7.       The AI format can be converted to PDF, EPS, or SVG. EPS format has vector image data and a screen preview in the same file.

8.       Images are compressed to reduce the size of the file.

9.       Lossy compression removes all nonessential information while lossless compression doesn’t change pixel data.

10.   With resampling on changing the size of an image, larger or smaller, will not change the resolution.


3.Original                                                                                     200x200 pixels