ITS 364 CH 4

1.       Most cameras now used SD cards instead of film. The advantage of SD cards are they can store way more photos and can be swapped right onto a computer.

2.       Digital cameras increase your chance of taking the perfect picture because of the amount of adjustments you can make during the photo taking and the sheer amount of photos you can take.

3.       DSLR cameras have better image quality, more adaptability, faster performance, you have more manual control, and what you see is what you get. A point and shoot camera is less expensive, more portable, and easier to use.

4.       Jog dial is a type of wheel or dial on a camera that allows a camera to scroll through different options by rotating.

5.       Optical zoom magnifies the image through the movement of the camera lens and digital zoom enlarges the image on image sensor through the interpolation of pixels.

6.       A megapixel is a unit of measure equal to one million pixels. Itís important for a camera because the more megapixels in a camera means the more pixels in the picture meaning a sharper image.

7.       A photo would be saved as a JPG with a lower resolution because the lower resolution keeps the file size to a minimum but the JPG gives a crisper image. On a website you donít need a huge blown up photo so the resolution can be lower.

8.       Raw image formats include all image data with no compression or processing. It also allows users to have full control over all settings and levels of the images they capture.

9.       Keep the lens cap on or the shutter closed (usually by turning off the camera) when not using the camera. Be aware of dropping the camera even from a short distance such as onto a counter. Never throw rechargeable camera batteries in the trash. Donít shoot directly into the sun, to avoid damaging your eyes through the viewfinder. Donít walk while looking through the viewfinder, to avoid tripping over or running into obstacles. Donít try to fix a digital camera yourself by opening the camera.

10.   If your photograph has bad composition then it will not be appealing to the eye. If there is too much saturation or the colours are off the picture will look too unrealistic.