ITS 364 Ch 6

1.       The zoom tool is a navigation tool that magnifies or reduces the view of an image. You select part of an image that you want to zoom it and it basically enlarges the selected area.

2.       The hand tool is a tool that moves an image around in the viewing area.

3.       The foreground colour is the colour that appears when one paints, draws, or fills an image in a raster editing program. A background colour is the colour behind a raster image that appears when one erases or cuts a selection from the background layer of an image.

4.       The selection tool is a type of tool used to select a portion of a raster image before modifying it. The term “marching ants” is referring to the dotted outline that shows when the selection tool is used. The selection tool is used when you want to edit a certain part of an image.

5.       The Lasso tool would be the best tool to use for an irregularly shaped object because it is freehand and follows the cursor.

6.       The Magnetic Lasso tool would be used when the need to be more precise is evident because the tool snaps to the edges of the image. The Quick Selection tools has the selection line appear on the outside edges of an object as you “paint” it. The Magic Wand takes the selection line and forms it around the adjacent area of pixels that match a pixel you click.

7.       Anti-aliasing is the option used on images with ragged edges. It accomplishes this by adjusting the colour of the pixels along the outside edges of an image.

8.       The Magic Wand tool affects the selection of an image by a few different settings. The tolerance setting affects how precisely the tool does its job ( the range of pixels affected by an action). The other setting is the contiguous setting which only the pixels that are touching will be included in the selection.

9.       The Quick mask mode puts a temporary mask on the image which is used to make or refine a selection. It does not allow for any other part other than the selected image to be altered.

10.   Highlights are the lightest part of an image, usually whites, midtones are the middle range of colours in an image, and shadows are the darkest parts of an image, usually the blacks.