ITS 364 Ch 8

1.       A typeface is the collection of letters, numbers, and other characters created by a designer. A font is a set of characters with a specific style within a typeface.

2.       A serif font has decorative strokes or feet at the ends of the main strokes. A sans serif font doesnít have these added strokes.

3.       Ascenders are the parts of a letter that extends above the x-height. Descenders are the part of a lowercase letter that extends below the baseline. The baseline is the imaginary line on which the typeface sits.

4.       Choosing a typeface can set the tone of a project because you could choose a very simple looking typeface so the text is easier to read for audiences, or you could choose a fancier font to make text stand out.

5.       Two typefaces with the same point size can look like they are different sizes are because or leading and tracking. Leading is the amount of space between lines of text and tracking is the space in between letters.

6.       The best type styles to use for emphasis would be bold which makes the letters look thicker, underline which underlines the text, and italics which puts a kind of slant on the text making it stand out. Things like strikethrough make the text hard to read.

7.       Leading is the amount of space between lines of text. Tracking is the amount of space between characters. Kerning allows for the adjustment of the space between characters. Usually fonts have some type of auto kerning.

8.       To not have many words automatically hyphenate at the end of a line use the flush left alignment. Flush left is considered less formal and can leave awkward gaps of white and space between text columns.

9.       A drop cap is and enhanced first letter of a paragraph to give it emphasis. Itís usually done by making the letter larger or more ornate. They are useful for leading the viewers eye to the beginning of text. Pull quotes are a selection of text pulled from the body text and changed to a larger type size to break up long stretches of text and highlighting content to catch attention. Colour is an effective way to draw the users attention because having a different colour while make text stand out more.

10.   A widow is when the last line of a paragraph falls by itself as the first line of the next page or column. And orphan is when the first line of a paragraph falls by itself at the bottom of a page of column or part of a word falls by itself on the last line of a paragraph. You could change the line spacing in your document to allow for the last line to be brought up. Or you could adjust the tracking allowing for more or less characters to make more or less text on the final line.





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