Ch. 9

1.       Itís your intellectual value, you can take the photo that you want, you can choose all aspects of the photo.

2.       Stock photos for a class project: plenty of photos that look good to choose from but they may cost money. Stock photos for a professional project: Photo quality is good but there can be copyright issues.

3.       Scenario A: If the resolution is too low, then the image will be stretched and not look good. If it is too high the image will have a large file size which will take longer to load. Scenario B: The photos need to be a good size or resolution because if you resize then it will cause pixilation unless you use a vector image.

4.       People who upload stock photos will upload a smaller picture with low resolution to make it unusable if someone is to blow it up it will be blurred. The other thing people do is put a watermark in their photos so it identifies the owner.

5.       Screenshots are used in phones and computers to create a photo from what is on the screen. In tutorials screenshots can be used to outline steps.

6.       You can use a scanned image when it is legally allowed to be used. It is either your intellectual property or in the limit of fair use copyright laws.

7.       Royalty free media is usually able to be used without payment or getting permission from the creator. Sometimes all that is needed is some citation.

8.       Right managed licenses allow a portion of intellectual property to be used adhering to certain guidelines . Royalty free is non-commercial and the user doesnít have to give the creator credit unless specified.

9.       You should resize the image in a raster program because then the image wonít be affected by resizing.

10.   Resampling lets the image resize so the image isnít distorted or pixelated. Down sampling is when the image is downsized which also creates pixilation because of a loss of pixels. Down sizing should be done in a way where it doesnít cause too much pixilation. Up sampling is the same but creates a larger image.












††††††† My family all played sports when we were younger. My dad curled and went to many bon spiels and competed in some U-18 championships. My mom played with my dad in a slow pitch league. Growing up my parents made my brother and I play all sorts of sports. We played soccer hockey baseball and then when it came to high school my brother and I started football. I took this photo after my senior yearís last game and my last game of football. It was a sad time and I remember thinking that I wish I could play another year. So when my brother came time to graduate he chose to play another year and I think it made him a lot happier.