ITS 230 MD 11

T 1. In a data hierarchy, each higher level of data contains one or more items from the lower level.

T 2. A check digit often confirms the accuracy of a primary key value.

T 3. In a typical database system, each department or area within an organization has its own set of files.

T 4. In a file processing system, duplicated data can increase the chance of errors.

T 5. Many programs today use forms on a webpage as their front end.

F 6. File processing systems require more memory, storage, and processing power than a database.

T 7. To retrieve or select data in a database, you query it.

T 8. Unlike a form, you use a report writer only to retrieve data.

T 9. One way to secure a database is to allow only administrators to have access to create and delete tables.

F 10. In a rollforward, the DBMS uses the log to undo any changes made to the database during a certain period.

T 11. Gantt charts are better suited than PERT charts for planning and scheduling large, complex projects.

T 12. The planning phase begins when the steering committee receives a project request.


1. check digit: G 2. data type: H 3. feature creep: I 4. file maintenance: A 5. Object: B

6. object program: F 7. primary key: C 8. source program: E 9. Standards: J 10. Validation: D

//a. procedures that keep data current

//b. item that contains data, as well as the actions that read or process the data

//c. field that uniquely identifies each record in a file

//d. process of comparing data with a set of rules or values to determine if the data meets certain criteria

//e. language instructions, or code, to be converted to machine language

//f. machine language version of a program that results from compiling the procedural language

//g. number(s) or character(s) that is appended to or inserted in a primary key value

//h. specifies the kind of data a field can contain and how the field is used

//i. problem that occurs when one activity has led to another that was not planned originally, causing the project to grow in scope

//j. sets of rules and procedures an organization expects employees to accept and follow

Problem Solving:

1.       Keep changing your criteria until it displays a room for you.

2.       Sometimes the discount price is determined by a different barcode and the cashier may have scanned the wrong one.

3.       Lots of websites have a desktop version and a mobile version changing depending on the device being used. If the text on your phone is small and hard to read your phone most likely has the desktop version open.

4.       The place where you got the free credit report may allow other companies to access your credit report.

5.       There is probably just a syntax error or spelling error which causes an error with the script.

Internet Research:

3. a) There are six inductees for the year 2018. As far as I could find they have all only been inducted once. There is an Elvis 68 comeback special anniversary celebration. On December 3 1968 Elvis aired on NBC so they are replaying that airing on the 50th anniversary.

b) Could not find any Internet Icon Quiz. Ralph Breaks the Internet, Creed 2, and Robin hood all coming out November 21st.