ITS 230 MD 12

  F  1. Accessible information has meaning to the person who receives it.

  T  2. A typical enterprise consists of a wide variety of departments, centers, and divisions — collectively known as functional units.

  T  3. CMSs are popular in large part because of their ease of use; CMS operators need minimal technical skills.

  T  4. The high cost makes drones prohibitive for cash-strapped or small scientific or conservation use.

  T  5. In most circumstances, the licensed software owner can make multiple copies of software, for back up or to share with other users.

  T  6. Educational requirements for help desk specialists are far more stringent than they are for other careers in the technology field.

  T  7. Outsourcing enables companies to find workers with specialized experience and to control costs.

  T  8. Apps developed for a specific mobile platform or device generally work on any other device without any modification.

  T  9. Like native apps, hybrid apps are developed for specific platforms and deployed to an app store.

  T  10. Most professionals have the experience and skill set to take a certification exam without preparation.

  T  11. Data analysis certifications focus on the discovery, collection, and analysis of evidence on computers and networks.

  T  12. Employers often use social media to determine if a candidate’s personality would fit into the corporate culture.


1. A+:H   2. artificial intelligence:B   3. CRM:C   4. ERP:J   5. hybrid app:D   6. inference rules:I

7. Jailbreaking:E   8. MRP:G    9. OLTP:A   10. Project Management Professional:F

//a. processing system in which the computer processes each transaction as it is entered

//b.        application of human intelligence to computers

//c.         information system that manages information about customers, past purchases, interests, and the day-to-day interactions

//d.        program that combines features of native and mobile web apps

//e.        process of hacking into iPhones and iPads in order to make unauthorized modifications to the operating system and bypass DRM restrictions

//f.         broad development certification that tests knowledge of tasks required during system development

//g.        information systems that monitors and controls inventory, material purchases, and other processes related to manufacturing operations

//h.        hardware certification that tests knowledge of computer setup, configuration, maintenance, troubleshooting, basic networking skills, and system software

//i.          set of logical judgments that are applied to the knowledge base each time a user describes a situation to the expert system

//j.         integration of MRP II with the information flow across an organization to manage and coordinate the ongoing activities of the enterprise

Problem Solving:

1.       I would use the keywords “computer professional”, “training”, and “job”

2.       You may find job postings on local job boards or sometimes people offer jobs up on craigslist or things like eBay or Amazon. You could also check the listings in a newspaper.

3.       Explaining what your talents are and what programs you are proficient with.

4.       I would accept this offer because who knows if there will be other offers. Also just because you accept one job doesn’t mean you have to stay in that job for the rest of your career

5.       Staying Current with Technology: Three ways I would stay current with the latest technology is attend continuing education courses on technology advancements, read and research news articles concerning in new technology, and use/test the products once they are in the store.

Internet Research:

Apple’s social media policies include no discussion of Apple regulations or concerning new products. Also, the employee must receive permission from co-workers to post any photos or statements about one another. Finally, employees need to conduct themselves in a professional manner and protect customer’s privacy. I agree with all the policies that Apple has in place and may even consider the a little too lenient. However, they do not give much detail behind consequences for failing to follow these guidelines besides that it could lead to discipline (up to termination of employment).  I also looked at the social media policies for Essentia health care employees. They policies was mainly concerned with patient privacy and standards set by state and federal privacy laws. Essentia also showed an example of misconduct with limited details to give employee an example of what would be considered against policy.  I think the Essentia social media policies is well present to employees and they clearly state the consequences. I also believe that the health system has to handle social media much more carefully with the laws regarding patient confidentiality. Another difference between social media policies that could contribute greatly to how they are written and present to employees, may be the average age of the staff are and the average age of the customer.