ITS 230 MD 2

† T† 1. No single person or government agency controls or owns the Internet.

† F† 2. The W3C is responsible for maintaining all networks and content on the Internet.

† T† 3. Users typically pay additional fees for mobile hot spot and tethering services.

† F† †4. A gigabyte (GB) is the basic storage unit on a computer or mobile device and represents a single character.

† T† †5. Developers use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create webpages and help users share content online.

† T† †6. Most browsers are available for download at no cost.

† T† 7. Mobile apps sometimes have fewer features than a web app.

† F† †8. A subject directory is software that finds websites, webpages, images, videos, maps, and other information related to a specific topic.

† T† †9. When you post digital content online, it is a good idea to tag it so that it is easy to locate and organize.

† T† †10. The term, blogosphere, refers to the worldwide collection of blogs.

† F† 11. Tethering is the process of transferring data in a continuous and even flow, which allows users to access and use a file while it is transmitting.

† F† †12. One way to protect yourself from identity theft online is to retain all your cookies in your browser.

1.C††††††††† 2.A†††††††† 3.F†††††††† 4.E†††††††† 5.H††††††† 6.B†††††††† 7.D††††††† 8.G††††††† 9.J††††††††† 10.I

Problem Solving

1.       My next steps would be to record it and then if I perceived it as a threat I would call the police, if I didnít think it was a threat I would block the sender.

2.       Unsolicited friend requests happen all the time on Facebook. I would just ignore the friend request. If it kept happening I would block them.

6. He knows your browsing habits because itís possible that his computer has direct access to all the computers in the company. I would respond that Iím only on the sites during breaks and that it is allowed.

9. One issue is that the hotspot may be set to hidden so it doesnít show up on everyoneís device and you would most likely be able to input the network manually to connect.

10. The problem could be the network connection to your computer is being interrupted or you have a virus that is rerouting your information and delaying the sending and receiving of information.


Internet Research

1.       The first social media site I researched was Facebook. It required full name, date of birth, an email, and personal security questions to make the account more secure. The second was Twitter and it was the same personal questions. I had no issues with giving up any of the personal information but I am not really a private person so I donít think it matters. The content was more or less the same. People telling anyone who likes or follows them about what they do or think. They both are easily accessible to casual users. They feature a sleek and simple GUI system which allow a pick up and use type of webpage while the massive audience that use these two sites is perfect advertising for businesses. Both websites allow for posting media. There seems to be no limit to what can be posted or how many things can be posted. The instructions are very straightforward and allow for quick and simple uploads.