ITS 230 MD 3

True of False

† T† 1. Malware authors often focus on social media, with the goal of stealing personal information.

† F† 2. The disadvantages of a virtual server are that it is difficult to manage and takes a long time to create and configure.

† F† 3. A mainframe is a small terminal that looks like a desktop, but has limited capabilities and components.

† F† 4. Thin clients contain powerful hard drives.

† F† 5. Applications requiring complex, sophisticated mathematical calculations use mainframes.

† F† 6. Most computers and electronic devices are analog, which use only two discrete states: on and off.

† T† 7. SLR cameras are much heavier and larger than point-and-shoot cameras.

† T† 8. Stick computers typically are less expensive than desktops and laptops.

† T† 9. Instead of the term, port, the term, connector, sometimes is used to identify audio and video ports.

† F† 10. Newer versions of USB are backward compatible, which means they support only new USB devices, not older ones.

† T† 11. A port replicator is an external device that provides connections to peripheral devices through ports built into the device.

† F† 12. NFC uses Wi-Fi signals to transmit data between two NFC-enabled devices.


1. CPU: G††††††††††††† 2. fault-tolerant computer: B ††††3. Kiosk: H††† 4. Motherboard: J††† 5. peripheral device: D†

6. phablet: A††† 7. push notification: I††† 8. server virtualization: F††† 9. slate tablet: C†† 10. thin client: E


//a. term used to refer to a device that combines the features of a smartphone with a tablet

//b.††††††††† computer with duplicate components so that it can continue to operate when one of its main components fail

//c.††††††††† tablet that does not contain a physical keyboard

//d.††††††††† component you connect to a computer or mobile device to expand its capabilities

//e.††††††††† terminal that looks like a desktop but has limited capabilities and components

//f.†††††††††† the use of software to enable a physical server to emulate the hardware and computing capabilities of one or more servers

//g.††††††††† electronic component that interprets and carries out the basic instructions that operate a computer

//h.††††††††† freestanding terminal that usually has a touchscreen for user input

//i.†††††††††† message that initiates from a sending location without a request from the receiver

//j.†††††††††† the main circuit board of a personal computer



Problem Solving:

1.       You could resolve this by running a scan on your computer to check for any type of malware that may be slowing your computer down. Also one thing I like to do is go through most of my files and see which ones I can get rid of. One good program is a disk defragmenter which will help clean up your hard drive.

4. Usually when your battery drains quickly means the life of the battery is weakening. Apple iPhones now have a new feature showing the overall battery life left in the phone. There could be apps running in the background that are very battery intensive as well.

5. Personally I would shut my computer down and disconnect from the internet. I would then boot up in safe mode. Depending on what I saw on the link I have a safe boot saved on a flash drive which would allow me to clean up my computer. If I didnít think it was a big issue I would run a scan with my antimalware program.

9. My first step would be to restart the computer because maybe the crash caused an error in the system and properly resetting it may solve that issue. Next I would try to connect to the cloud service using a different device. If none of those options worked I would call the IT department.

10. The next steps would be to try and find a cable that fits both the laptop and the projector. If none can be found then try and find a convertor (Ex. VGA -> HDMI). If that doesnít work transfer your presentation to somewhere that it can be easily accessed from and try a different device.

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