ITS 230 MD 4

  T   1. Application software serves as the interface between the user, the apps, and the computer’s or mobile device’s hardware.

  T   2. Enterprise and professional users employ cloud storage services to back up all of their files in case of disaster.

  F   3. Open source software is mass-produced, copyrighted software that meets the needs of a wide variety of users.

  T   4. When downloading shareware, freeware, or public-domain software, it is good practice to seek websites with ratings for and reviews of products.

  F   5. Because they run in a browser, you always access the latest version of web apps.

  F   6. With database software, users run functions to retrieve data.

  T   7. Software suites offer three major advantages: lower cost, ease of use, and integration.

  T   8. A PDF file can be viewed and printed without the software that created the original document.

  F   9. Augmented reality apps require the use of a special viewer device to display 360-degree images or videos.

  T   10. Many routers also can function as a hardware firewall.

  T   11. A power management app will turn off Internet connectivity when your battery runs low.

  F  12. Cookies typically are considered a type of spyware.

1. augmented reality:C  2. CBT:E               3. Payload:A      4. personal firewall:F     5. Phishing:H     6. QR code:I          7. quarantine:J       8.shareware:B                   9. software as a service:G            10. Tools:D

//a. destructive event or prank a virus was created to deliver

//b. copyrighted software that is distributed at no cost for a trial period

//c. type of mobile application that overlays media or other digital content over an image on the screen

//d.        program that enables you to perform maintenance-type tasks usually related to managing devices, media, and programs used by computers and mobile devices

e.            computing environment where an Internet server hosts and deploys applications

//f.         security tool that detects and protects a personal computer and its data from unauthorized intrusions

//g.        type of education in which students learn by using and completing exercises with instructional software

//h.        scam in which a perpetrator sends an official looking email message that attempts to obtain personal and/or financial information

//i.          square-shaped graphic that represents a web address or other information

//j.         separate area of a hard drive that holds an infected file until the infection can be removed


1.       If your antivirus is not updating I can think of three things that could be wrong. One is you aren’t connected to the internet or the connection fails when trying to update. This would give you an updating error. Another is that the program is no longer supported and there is nowhere to get the update from. A third option is there is already a virus infecting your computer and it is not allowing for your firewall to update.

3.       These programs that you found on your computer could be two things. The first thing they could be is unwanted and unknown viruses that look like normal programs. The next thing is that they could be unwanted extras that sometime programs sneakily install on your computer with another program.

5.       The app may be incompatible with your device because devices have updates with their operating systems all the time and usually apps update to allow for the continued support from those OS. You may not have updates to the latest OS for your device and the app has.

6.       The biggest issue could be just the machine to machine connection. If some devices have a weak internet connection then it will cause them to start cutting out. Also if a device has something intensive running in the background then that could cause the device to slow down and create interruptions.

9.       One thing I may do to make the file smaller is to change the file type to a lossy file type. This would be done by opening the file and saving it to a different file extension like .jpg. This would drastically decrease the file size and should make the boss content.

Internet Research:

2.       Online Gaming

i)           On Steam there are hundreds if not thousands of games shown on the front page alone. Seeing as it is a hub for games there are probably hundreds of thousands of games on the actual website itself. There is talk about anything you can think of on this site, even non-gaming related discussion. The top 3 discussions are “New to Steam”, “Help and Tips”, and “Suggestions and Ideas”. These are just the posts set by Steam admins and aren’t started by users. There are rewards for being active on the forums and for even playing the games on their site. You can increase in a reliability level on the forums if you post accurate information and are helpful. You also get these cards as rewards for playing the games which can be made into packs and used to increase your account level. Steam doesn’t have any online leagues or tournaments but Valve, a game developer and creators of Steam, do sponsor many tournaments over many games. On their community page there are always articles about new games or add-ons to games and sometimes reviews written by their staff. I have a steam account and mostly use it to play games online with other people.

ii)                   The second one is Reddit which most people are aware of. Again if you look in the right places thousands of games are talked about. The top three in the gaming subreddit right now are “Building a working engine in VR”, “If Pokemon were Real”, and “Forgotten Icons”. The only real rewards are that you can have your posts upvoted and that creates a level of trust having many upvoted posts. Reddit is pretty much just a social website and doesn’t sponsor any leagues or tournaments but I think every once in a while the Admins of Reddit will put on little contests within the subreddits. People are always sharing new articles they found on reddit to the rest of the users and it changes so quickly because the amount of users.