ITS 230 MD 6

T 1. The motherboard also is called a system board.

F 2. A single-board computer often is more expensive than a traditional desktop computer.

F 3. A dual-core processor doubles the processing speed of a single-core processor.

F 4. In general, multi-core processors are less energy efficient than separate multiple processors.

T 5. The system clock keeps track of the date and time in a computer.

T 6. In cloud computing, the back end consists of the servers and storage devices that manage and store the resources accessed by users.

F 7. In the binary system, the digit 1 represents the absence of an electronic charge.

F 8. Most RAM is nonvolatile.

T 9. The processor interprets and executes a program or applications instructions while the program or application is in nonvolatile memory.

T 10. ROM chips also are called firmware.

F 11. As with processors, manufacturers state the clock speed for a bus in hertz.

T 12. The power supply converts the wall outlet AC power into DC power.


1. ASCII: C 2. bus width: G 3. Chip: I 4. control unit: B 5. Firmware: F 6. IaaS: H 7. Motherboard: D 8. Registers: A 9. Transistor: E 10. word size: J

//a. small, high-speed storage locations contained in a processor

//b. component of the computer that directs and coordinates most of the operations in the computer

//c. widely used coding scheme to represent a set of characters

//d. the main circuit board of the computer

//e. integrated circuit component that acts as an electronic switch that opens or closes the circuit for electrical charges

//f. ROM chips that contain permanently written data, instructions, or information

//g. determines the number of bits that the computer can transmit at one time

//h. the use of software to emulate hardware capabilities, enabling computers to scale, or adjust up or down, storage, processing power, or bandwidth as needed

//i. small piece of semiconducting materials, usually silicon, on which integrated circuits are etched

//j. number of bits the processor can interpret and execute at a given time

Problem Solving:

1.       My first step would be to try to find a cheap adapter. Most likely it would be VGA-HDMI, DVI-VGA, DVI-HDMI, or VGA-HDMI. If none of those are available then I would wait until one becomes available. One extreme measure would be to change out your video card or motherboard.


3.       MY next step would be to check if the fan cable had gotten unplugged. If nothing has been unplugged then I would check to see if the fan was broken. If it was broken then I would buy another fan for cheap.

4.       My next step would be to see if the phone had a location service. The iPhone has a find my iPhone app which allows to track it. Then turn it on and track it down.

7. I would look at what programs I am running on the computer and determine how much processing power is needed to run it with some other things running in the background then decide based on those parameters.

10. I would immediately go to the IT department and get them to give me the password or have them reset the password.

Internet Research:

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