Matthew Holcomb

ITS 364 = CH1

P.20 Review and discuss

1.       †Digital content the consists of audio, video, text and graphics.

2.       Be flexible, keep an open mind, use initiative, listen and read attentively, seek to acquire new knowledge and skills.

3.       Good attendance, promptness, proper attire, clean and safe work environment, appropriate voice, and pride.

4.       Each adobe certified expert exam consist of material for each program. Each master certification consists of 4-5 adobe expert exam requirements.

5.       Options for backing up files would be flash drives, cloud services, external hard drives, back up internal hard drives.

6.       Develop a way to back up files regularly, use anti-virus and anti-malware software to keep your data secure, donít share passwords with anyone, use a lock of some kind on your phone.

7.       Back up files regularly, use anti-virus and anti-malware software to keep your system safe and secure, donít share Wi-Fi passwords with anyone you donít trust, set up a password for your wireless connection.

8.       A strong password should contain no dictionary words, not include your first or last name, not include your social or any part of it, use at least 1 capitol letter, 1 lower case letter, 1 special character, 1 number and contain at least 8+ characters.

9.       To improve the comfort and prevent pain or future pain, to prevent injury and to improve workplace productivity.

10.   Taking breaks and creating effective workstations that follows the rules of ergonomics.

P.21 Applications

3. I have many passwords and all of them come from 2 main systems that I use to create them. All of them on less important things like xbox live, Netflix, and Sling TV are simplified passwords that are quick and easy to access but follow most of the secure password guidelines. Any of those require further authentication to make purchases so their level of protection is adequate. I have more secure passwords for more important accounts such as my banking which most of the time I log in with a fingerprint. I donít think any of my passwords need to change because I already follow a system of using appropriate level passwords.