P. 312 Review and discuss

1.      XHTML is being designed to allow for all browsers to display the content in the same way. This allows code to be designed in a single way and work on all browsers improving the accessibility of a given website.

2.      Tags are used to determine the design that a browser will display. They are contained in angle brackets and they give information to the browser as to how to display the content of the tag.

3.      A closing tag tells the browser when a tag needs to end and nothing else should be contained within that tag anymore.

4.      Attributes allow the tags to be personalized or customized to meet the designer’s needs. <h1 alignment=”center”></h1> would be an example.

5.      <h1>words</h1> is a non-empty tag. <a href=”document.docx”></a> is an example of an empty tag. Empty tags wont display any text on the website. Those that are non-empty tags will display the text on the displayed website.

6.      List of 3 challenges to web development

a.      Web development requires understanding of code which not everyone can understand, or they feel that they cant remember even though memorization isn’t really required.

b.      Guessing what the users will want is sometimes a difficult task. People sometimes wont even try clicking on a link after they get the homepage because they feel that they know if they’re interesting within seconds and if they try a link and don’t find what they’re looking for they probably won’t try another but find another website.

c.      Developers must also be ready to do whatever design is asked of them and doing their own implementations probably isn’t a good idea since the customer is expecting a protect to work and act as they gave the designer. They also may not describe exactly what they want so there may be issues because of lack of communication.

7.      Some people may only have access to slow internet which means that photos and videos may not display as intended. Certain people may only have access to the internet on their phone so a website would need to be able to display is an appealing way on a mobile device. Some people may not have updated browsers or may used browsers where your content isn’t supposed and don’t display as intended.

8.      A developer would consider creating a web page for a lower pixel resolution because phone screens are much smaller than a typical computer display, and its aspect ratio is different for viewing web pages than a typical computer monitor.

9.      Use the most commonly used fonts.

10.   The content should be displayed in an appealing way for a difference aspect ratio since more phone users view the internet in portrait orientation. Content should also not autoplay videos since this could use the data of the phone user which is not something they are going to want to waste on a video without being connected to wifi.

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