P. 341 Review and discuss

1.      Websites should be planned before designing because it allows the information to be displayed as desired and so that the website coder doesn’t need to redo things because the designer doesn’t like the way the content is displayed.

2.      Wireframing allows the website to be viewed how the pages will connect to one another and allows the coder to provide a layout of how the site will function. Quick displays of how each individual page will work and be displayed

3.      A search function lets a user find a specific page that they may want to visit and a site map allows the user to navigate the website easily.

4.      Knowing your audience lets you display content that is built for them and lets the user interact with the website in a way that they would expect and allows for easy learning of how to navigate the website.

5.      List of suggested guidelines for content on a website

a.      There shouldn’t be excessive text.

b.      Keep the home page simple and concise.

c.      Each webpage should have one purpose and focus on that

d.      Links should all work.

e.      Animations should be appropriate

6.      Because the design should match what the end user is expecting because otherwise changes will need to be implemented and this could possible consume a lot of time or resources.

7.      So that just viewing the file name should tell what the page contains. Sometimes these files are shared between multiple people to write one website and it allows others to know what the page contains without reading through the entire file

8.      Web pages and publishing focus on different things at times. Publishing focuses more on the text but based on the type of publishing it make be more visual. Images could need to be sized differently since a computer can display images well but when blowing it up in publishing for something like a poster, the resolution used in a webs page would not be adequate for a giant version of an image.

9.      Wireframing allows the visual of the website layout and connection between links to be seen visually. Multiple pages can be linked to one page and wireframing allows it to be easily seen which content is connected to which page.

10.   Tables are used for organizing and centering things that are put inside of them by giving a section for each column or row. Div tags split the web page into sections and allow things to be grouped together.

P. 342 Applications

Application 1: bpa.og layout design


                                                                                          Website logo                                                  log in boxes


                                                                                          Tabbed style links


media                                                                              website content











                                             links to site information, donating, membership, and contact us