P. 368 Review and discuss

1.      Animation can be used in many situations including a logo, banners and advertising. In regard to a logo, it depends on if it fits the situation. You would still need a logo that is not animated for non-online uses. It may fit but it depends on the situation and the company using the animation. If it used in the right spot, would be if the animated file is used on a computer and not in something like a word document where it probably wouldn’t be appropriate. And if the use wants the animation, it depends on the company I think and if its tech related then maybe an animated logo would be appropriate.

2.      The creator of the GIF file could limit the resolution to a lower resolution to keep the file small. Restricting the number of frames is another way to limit the file size.

3.      To optimize a GIF file, keep the file size smaller to ensure it loads quickly and to limit the colors used in the images.

4.      Static animation begins and one point and ends at another. Stateful animation is when an action is performed such as a rollover where the animation changes. Dynamic is when user input is given in some sort of way such as a correct answer or dragging an item to another location.

5.      2D animation is when 2 axis are used only. Height and width. 3D animation uses 3 axis; height, width, and length. Stop motion animation is when still scenes are changed slightly to produce movement when all the still images are run together at a high rate of speed, usually 30 frames per second.

6.      The pros would be smaller file sizes, loads quicker, doesn’t use images. Cons would be no compatible with all browsers, doesn’t support complicated images, doesn’t work alone.

7.      DHTML could be used to animate text to change color when the mouse cursor rolls over the text to give extra info or just to change the color of the text to let the user know that that text is now clickable.

8.      Javascript is used to run some sort of application to do something that the website creator wants to do for the user. It can also be used to animate a clock or create a game within a browser. CSS3 is used to keep formatting consistent throughout a website. One change on a CSS3 file can change the formatting on the entire website rather than just one page.

9.      HTML 5 can create dynamic 2d animated to create animation or an image. SVG is a vector based graphic that is scalable and show using XML to display graphics or logos.

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