P. 391 Review and discuss

1.      Lossy compression is when a file is downsized by removing information that doesn’t really add to the image or file. It takes out needless repetition in the file in order to decrease the file size. Lossless is a file format that keeps the original file completely unchanged.

2.      Streaming audio is better then downloading because it prevents virus spreading and keeps your devices hard drive from filling up with unneeded data. Streaming also lets the files be played nearly instantly where downloading usually requires the entire file to be downloaded.

3.      Using controls to play audio allows the user to edit where the song or file starts playing from. They can skip through tracks or start a song at a certain point. It also lets the user choose if they want to play the file or not.

4.      It allows the file to be played using the coding of HTML and with MP3 it is support by the most common browsers.

5.      With the company’s policy that real player should be used for audio and video streaming that was created back when this was an acceptable way of providing audio and video on the web but currently there are other options. With Realplayer the plug in has to be downloaded by the user and currently there are other options to display audio and video on the web and these other options should be utilized to prevent the user from having the download the Realplayer plug in on their computer.

6.      XML is useful for moving files. When used in conjunction with XTML it can be displayed in a useful way.

7.      Creating a list for creating a good podcast

                           i.          Create a script to keep the talking moving along and so there are not long delays of silence.

                          ii.          Get rights to any intellectual property in the podcast.

                         iii.          Keep the length not too long but also not too short. About 10-60 minutes is pretty ideal.

                         iv.          Use proper equipment

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